DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide)….. a little dab will do you

DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide)

Experience is Knowledge everything else is just Information….AlbertEinstein

 I have been using DMSO since the mid 90’s when Dr. Smith, my mentor, first introduced me to this wonderful and sometimes miraculous healing solvent. I have experienced so many favorable results that I feel obligated to share with others what I have learned and gathered ….Dr. Alex

I am putting together this website page to serve as a resource of information concerning ……..DMSO

This article published in 1964 in Life Magazine, was the introduction of DMSO to the general public, it’s “coming out” announcement.

I Photo-shopped the article for you….

Here it is as a pdf………… DMSO time magazine original breakout article

Here is a link where it can be found on–line………….. July 10th 1964…page 37 -40…Life Magazine


 60 minutes and Dan rather did a piece on Dr. Jacobs and DMSO



2007  article ……..from Life Extension magazine

here is a link to an on-line copy of this article



classic text on the subject ...I got my copy from Clark's Health food store in riverside

Directions for topical use of DMSO from the above pictured text:

the Directions saved as a PDF so you can print it:……..HOW DMSO IS ADMINISTERED TOPICALLY


This is out of print.... I found it at a used bookstore..... there was a clinic on the sunset strip in Las vegas where they treated people with Cancer and Chronic Arthritis with intravenous DMSO


Articles saved as pdf  documents

DMSO Many Uses, Much Controversy

Pharmacology of DMSO

The Human Toxicology Of Dimethyl Sulfoxide


Dr. Jacob’s website




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